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Circus Smirkus: Frontpage Follies

This circus soundtrack is a rollicking celebration of journalism in the 20th century. Songs draw inspiration from the music of early newsreels, the sounds of typewriters and the mechanical printing press, and other classic elements of the reporter's profession. Giving particular emphasis to the syncopated rhythms of ragtime and the playful energy of 1920s music, while also paying a visit or two to the soaring orchestrations of newscast themes from the late 20th century, Frontpage Follies is a nostalgic tribute to a bygone era of news-gathering... all with a contemporary circus twist!

These songs were written and originally performed for Circus Smirkus, an internationally renowned youth circus that tours New England every summer presenting themed circus productions under a traveling Big Top.

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Song Title Preview Time iTunes
1. Media Circus 4:19 Download Song
2. On The Air 3:16 Download Song
3. Extra! Extra! Read All About It!   3:18 Download Song
4. Elegant Machine 5:03 Download Song
5. Hats Off 1:51 Download Song
6. A Word From Our Sponsor 3:46 Download Song
7. Typewriter 1:59 Download Song
8. A Cute Angle 3:25 Download Song
9. Photo Shoot 1:29 Download Song
10. Action Van News 3:22 Download Song
11. Radio Tower 3:26 Download Song
12. Remembrance 4:18 Download Song
13. Reel Time 3:19 Download Song
14. Secret Rendezvous 4:34 Download Song
15. Desk Job 2:38 Download Song
16. Nightly Newscast 3:44 Download Song

The Show

How do things look up on the bandstand during a Circus Smirkus show?
Below are some behind-the-scenes video angles from the 2011 Big Top Tour opening act!
Original music by Tristan Moore. Drums: Parker Bert. Keyboards: Tristan Moore.

Frontpage Follies
Release Date: 2011
Total Running Time: 54 minutes

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Music composed, arranged and recorded by:

Tour Drummer:

Show creative director:

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