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A Blue So Blue

In the middle of a busy city lives a young artist named Madeleine. Madeleine begins having peculiar dreams. Night after night her mind fills with visions of blue - a shade of blue so hauntingly beautiful that it propels her on a quest to find that color in the real world. The artist's journey in search of the perfect shade of blue takes her to modern art museums, jazz clubs, arid deserts and beyond...

In 2006, Jean-Francois Dumont's book A Blue So Blue was brought to the stage through a combination of modern dance (by the artists of the University of Utah Children's Dance Theatre), original music (composed by Tristan Moore), costumes (by Cynthia Turner, Wendy Turner and Nancy Cook), and live narration (performed by Tony Larimer).

The show's diverse moods were brought to life by a talented pit orchestra: Mike Bishop (guitar and tenor saxophone), Tristan Moore (bandleader, keyboards, programming), James Morris (guitar, vocals, percussion), Chase O'Neil (vocals), Katherine "K.P." Peterson (violin), Rick "Sneez" Senese (drums), and Natalie Terry (violin and vocals).

A Blue So Blue's soundtrack is not currently available for purchase. However, further down this page, you can listen to complete recordings of the music as it was performed at the show's premiere. You will also find photos of the musicians in the Capitol Theatre orchestra pit.

Listen to the Live Show

Song Title Listen Time
1. City 5:13
2. A Favorite Place   4:00
3. Dream 3:46
4. Palette 4:17
5. Museum 3:39
6. State Fair 4:10
7. Illumination 3:52
8. Sky 4:31
9. Aliens 4:08
10. The Blues
* by James Morris
No audio preview is available for this song. 4:33
11. Desert Sands 4:18
12. A Blue So Blue 4:29
13. Finale 5:19

The Band

Photos of the band at the Capitol Theatre premiere.
Click on images to enlarge.

The A Blue So Blue band
Chase O'Neil (vocalist, CDT dancer) with Natalie Terry (vocalist, violinist)
Mike Bishop (saxophonist, guitarist)
Tristan Moore (composer, bandleader, keyboardist)
James Morris (vocalist, guitarist, percussionist)
Katherine "K.P." Peterson and Natalie Terry on violin
Rick "Sneez" Senese (drummer)
Sneez again
Patrick Heltman (sound engineer)
James gets ready to sing the blues
K.P. after the show
Natalie after the show