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The University of Utah
Children's Dance Theatre presents

The Dream Stealer

Based on Stephen Cosgrove's children's book The Dream Stealer,
CDT's 2007 production followed Bartholomew the librarian
and two siblings as they journeyed into Shadow Forest
in search of their missing dreams.

The Dream Stealer's soundtrack is not currently available for purchase,
but below you can hear excerpts of the music from the show's premiere.
Take a listen!

Listen to Sample Clips

Song Title Preview Time
1. Fairy Tales No audio preview is available for this song. 4:46
2. Nightmares 4:47
3. Library 4:09
4. Pathways 4:39
5. Shadow Forest   4:08
6. Fireflies 4:28
7. Sticks 4:22
8. Mist 4:34
9. Chatterbox 3:48
10. Imagination 3:33
11. Maras 4:18
12. Dreams 4:12
13. Bows 6:29

Click here for photos of the CDT band.

Show directed by Mary Ann Lee
Inspired by the book by Stephen Cosgrove
Story adaptation by Mary Ann Lee, Sadie Moore and Tristan Moore
Original soundtrack by Tristan Moore
Narrated by Anne Cullimore Decker
Costumes by Cynthia Turner, Wendy Turner and Nancy Cook