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Circus Smirkus: Wilderness Wonders

Wilderness Wonders explores the imagery of the great outdoors and the ways we interact with nature in all its seasons. This soundtrack evokes a wide range of moods and images, from the tranquility of canoeing down a river to the airborne ecstasy of hang gliding... from the eerie thrills of a campfire ghost story to the crystalline splendor of a wintertime alpine landscape.

"Moore's music is far more than mere mood-setting. Finely crafted, utilizing styles from the latest pop hits to jazz and classical, his Circus Smirkus scores not only set the tone for each year's circus, they create the flexible backdrop for the various feats of daring." - The Times Argus

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Song Title Preview Time
1. Charivari 2:38
2. Log Jam 3:53
3. Flower Dance 2:55
4. Stacking Wood 3:09
5. Scout's Honor 1:27
6. On The River 4:08
7. Rock Climb 3:33
8. Ging Gang Goolie   2:13
9. Gone Fishin' 3:32
10. Campfire 3:23
11. Ghost Story 3:24
12. Thrill Ride 3:31
13. Thin Air 3:50
14. Snowball Fight 3:02
15. Jumpified 3:03
16. Tangled Up 2:30
17. Hang Gliding 4:52

Wilderness Wonders
Release Date: 2010
Total Running Time: 56 minutes

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