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"Welcome. We are about to take you on a journey of exploration, from the edge of the cosmos to the universe of atoms within your own body. In the last few millennia, we have made the most extraordinary and exhilarating discoveries about the universe and our place within it. The beauty and strangeness of these discoveries remind us that the imagination of nature can be more marvelous than the wildest imaginings of poets and dreamers of the past."

The music of SCIENTIA takes its inspiration from the revolutionary discoveries of science and the sense of wonder that can be reawakened by looking at the world through the prism of scientific investigation. From genes to galaxies, from the molten core of the Earth to the stunning biodiversity of the rainforest, SCIENTIA takes you on an auditory journey of exploration celebrating the boundless "imagination of nature." Tristan Moore's soundtrack captures the futuristic essence of CDT's 2008 production, and stands on its own as an inspiring album for listening to at home or in the car.
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Song Title Preview Time
1. Galaxies 4:37
2. Prism 4:01
3. Newton's Principia 4:15
4. Atoms & Molecules 4:03
5. DNA 3:59
6. The Measure of Things   5:36
7. Immune System 3:38
8. Internet Connections 4:14
9. Dangerous Beauty 3:20
10. Rainforest 4:55
11. On the Brink 3:29
12. A Fine Balance 4:13
13. Finale 6:06

Salt Lake Tribune article about the making of Scientia [PDF, 175 KB]

Release Date: 2008
Total Running Time: 57 minutes
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