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Circus Smirkus: Oz Incorporated

Grab your ruby slippers and click your heels together as Circus Smirkus presents Oz Incorporated, a brand new spin on The Wizard of Oz.

The complete soundtrack of Oz Incorporated can now be downloaded from CD Baby,, or the iTunes Store. From raucous folly to dreamy meanderings, each one of these Emerald City interludes comes through bathed in the unmistakable joy of Smirkus.

Circus Smirkus is Vermont's award-winning international youth circus, founded in 1987 by Rob Mermin. The Smirkus Big Top Tour is a ten-week odyssey of traveling, traditional mudshow entertainment featuring an auditioned troupe of youth performers living the dream of circus while helping to raise money for charities throughout the Northeastern U.S.

In 2013 Circus Smirkus took off down the yellow brick road, presenting Oz Incorporated to delighted audiences across New York, Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine, Rhode Island and Massachusetts. Twenty-seven passionate, talented youth performed 69 shows straight over 7 weeks against the backdrop of a lush musical score performed by composer Tristan Moore and percussionist Parker Bert.

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Song Title Preview Time iTunes
1. Overture 1:06 Download Song
2. Oz Incorporated 3:42 Download Song
3. The Scarecrow's Daydream 3:26 Download Song
4. The Tin Salesman 4:13 Download Song
5. Magic and Illusion At Your Service   1:27 Download Song
6. Lions and Tigers and Bears 4:47 Download Song
7. Mischievous Monkeys 3:19 Download Song
8. Toto 2:57 Download Song
9. Get Them! 3:12 Download Song
10. Flight of the Wicked Witch 4:23 Download Song
11. Crossed Wires 4:52 Download Song
12. Emerald Kaleidoscope 3:57 Download Song
13. The Night Shift 3:59 Download Song
14. Nearly Home 5:44 Download Song
15. There's No Place Like Home 3:40 Download Song

The Show

Video trailer from Smirkus' 2013 Big Top Tour.
Video produced by Sawyer Oubre and Keenan Wright-Sanson.
Music: "Oz Incorporated" by Tristan Moore.

Circus Smirkus: Oz Incorporated
Release Date: 2013
Total Playing Time: 55 minutes
Download the album from iTunes for $9.99

Download Album on iTunes

Music composed, arranged and recorded by:

Drums and percussion by:

Show creative director:

Show artistic director:

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