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by Tristan Moore

IMPulse! Music for a contemporary circus show that headlined at Seattle's Moisture Festival. (2014)
"Blow It Up!"
"Risk v. Trust"
"It's Going To Be Fine. Really."
"Trust v. Risk"
"Rattled Screws"
Single Point Music for a trapeze solo by aerial artist Serenity Smith Forchion. (2011)
Reverie #52 Piano solo. (2009)
Untitled in C min Piano solo. (2009)
Hand To Hand Dramatic score for a partner acrobatics act by Serenity Smith Forchion and Bill Forchion. (2008)
Ball Pass Funky music for a Repertory Dance Theatre workshop. (2006)
Flight for Peace Exuberant music for choreography that premiered at the 2006 Dance and the Child International conference in the Netherlands. (2006)
"Flight for Peace" - excerpt 1
"Flight for Peace" - excerpt 2
Community Audio collage of the voices of spectators at Brolly Arts' art exhibition Independent Voices. Spectators were recorded as they offered their personal interpretations of the idea of "community." (2006)
Geminus Tango-tinged soundtrack for a dance production by Erin Kaser. (2005)
"Geminus" - excerpt 1
"Geminus" - excerpt 2
"Geminus" - excerpt 3
"Geminus" - excerpt 4
Together Again Score for the Children's Dance Theatre Alumni Association Kickoff. (2004)
Support Base Symphonic score for choreography by Sean Keil. (2004)
Silver Seeds Theme song for a Tanner Dance children's show. (2004)
Complements Score for choreography that premiered at the 2003 Dance and the Child International conference in Salvador, Brazil. (2003)
"Complements" - excerpt 1
"Complements" - excerpt 2
"Complements" - excerpt 3
Trois boules et un chapeau Electronic music for a mime & juggling performance presented at the Festival de Mime 2001 in Paris. (2001)
For One of Three Abstract industrial noisescape for choreography by Charlotte Boye-Christensen. Performed live at Salt Lake City's Rose Wagner Performing Arts Center. (1999)
"For One of Three" - excerpt 1
"For One of Three" - excerpt 2
"For One of Three" - excerpt 3

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