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Circus Smirkus: Anchors Away for Atlantis

Anchors Away for Atlantis explores the beauty and mystery of the vast ocean, both above and below the surface.

Circus Smirkus is Vermont's award-winning international youth circus, founded in 1987 by Rob Mermin. In 2014, Circus Smirkus set sail on the high seas and plunged deep into the ocean for fathoms of fun, spreading maritime merriment across Vermont, New York, New Hampshire, Maine, and Massachusetts, with live musical accompaniment by composer Tristan Moore and drummer Jacob Levitin.

The full soundtrack of Anchors Away for Atlantis is now available at the iTunes Store, CD Baby, and Previews of the tracks can be found below.

Download Album on iTunes

Listen to Sample Clips

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Song Title Preview Song Time iTunes
1. Setting Sail 4:03 Download Song
2. Roar Of The Tides 3:51 Download Song
3. Crab Brigade 2:07 Download Song
4. When The Captain's Away... 3:50 Download Song
5. Anchors Away 4:20 Download Song
6. Seabirds 4:54 Download Song
7. A Fine Catch 4:31 Download Song
8. Scrub The Deck 2:01 Download Song
9. Storm 5:37 Download Song
10. Whale Song 4:45 Download Song
11. Kelp Forest 4:16 Download Song
12. Shark! 4:14 Download Song
13. Bioluminescence 4:49 Download Song
14. Dreaming Of The Sea 1:53 Download Song
15. Coral Reef Calypso 3:34 Download Song
16. Selkie's Song 5:39 Download Song
17. One Ocean 3:50 Download Song
18. Underwater Boogie (Bonus Track)   0:45 Download Song

The Show

Video trailer from Smirkus' 2014 Big Top Tour.
Filmed and edited by Sawyer Oubre and Keenan Wright-Sanson.
Music: "Setting Sail" by Tristan Moore.

Circus Smirkus: Anchors Away for Atlantis
Release Date: 2014
Total Playing Time: 69 minutes

Download the album from iTunes:
Download Album on iTunes

Music composed, arranged and recorded by:


Guitar (track 14):

Taiko (track 9):

Show creative director:

Show artistic director:

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