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Children's Dance Theatre presents

Coming Home

CDT's 2009 production celebrated the company's 60th anniversary
with a series of works depicting the dancer's perspective on
the studio, the rehearsal process, and the magic of performance.

The soundtrack of Coming Home is not currently available for purchase,
but you can listen to excerpts from the show's premiere below.
Take a listen!

Listen to Sample Clips

Song Title Preview Time
1. Waiting In The Wings   4:19
2. Seven, Eight, Go! 3:27
3. Generations 4:09
4. Finding A Voice 4:04
5. Persistence 4:12
6. Engagement 3:26
7. Risk 4:37
8. Imagination 4:07
9. Home 4:26
10. Out Of The Box 3:53
11. Innocence 3:13
12. Wings 4:08

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Kevin Anderson - Drums and percussion
John Flanders - Saxophone, clarinet, flute
Tristan Moore - Keyboards and programming
Natalie Terry - Vocals and violin

Click here to view photos of the 2009 CDT band.

Show directed by Mary Ann Lee
Music composed by Tristan Moore
Costumes by Cynthia Turner, Wendy Turner and Nancy Cook